Welcome to L.J. Schooners Dockside Restaurant. L.J. Schooners, as you probably know, is located at the spectacular Bluewater Bay Marina Complex. The name of the restaurant, “L.J. Schooner” (the L.J. is for Lazy Jack) was a cherished icon on these very docks. Many of you will remember this world traveler, and many have heard the tales. As a young pup, Schooners’ best-mate, Randy, introduced the canine to life on the High Seas. Schooner had a name in The Keys, and any tiny shanty stop along the Gulf of Mexico. To the shores of the Bahamas, through the currents of the Caribbean. He was native and at home at any port.

Many years ago, L.J. Schooners opened their dockside windows and one door, serving cold brew, and great memories. Schooner often requested a trickle from the draft beer tap. People came to hear his crazy canine adventures, and to hear him sing. He was an accomplished tenor. He was a ladies man, and proudly sired many pups.

The day that Schooner passed, the community was literally devastated. No longer would he feast on routine handouts at many of the berths. No longer would he cruise along the shoreline of the marina beach, nor sail upon his favorite bay. Yet….be assured, Lazy Jack Schooners’ spirit is alive! Glance out, upon the colors of each days’ finale’, and you see our buddy, running the docks, forever protecting and watching over HIS “one particular harbor”, the one he so loved.