Updates on Events, Calendar Changes, etc. due to COVID-19.

LJ Schooners Dockside Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Open for Carry-Out, Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 8pm

Bluewater Bay Marina Complex, Open Seven Days a Week, 8am – 6pm

Bluewater High & Dry, Open Seven Days a Week, 8am – 6pm

April 2, 2020

We hope you and your family are doing well during these crazy times.

We encourage all of our family and friends to be exercising the highest of caution and carefulness at this time!

Bluewater Bay Marina Complex and Bluewater High & Dry are currently open.  Hours for each establishment are 8am – 6pm.

Bluewater Bay Marina – Fuel hut is operational.  Pump-Out service is available.  Parts and supplies are available at the ship store.  Call 850-897-2821 for service.

Bluewater High & Dry – Boats are being put in the water when requested by the customer.  Please call 850-897-0334 for assistance.

LJ Schooners Dockside Restaurant and Oyster Bar – The restaurant is open for CARRY-OUT orders.  We are currently serving from the lunch menu.  Daily Specials are being posted to our Facebook Page.  We are doing curbside delivery in the marina circle, dockside to your boat at the fuel hut, and window pick-up at Oyster Bar.  Call 850-897-6400 to place your order.




March 25, 2020

Message from Management

Spring is here and the weather is beautiful.  That is the good news.

The bad news….well….everyone is dealing with this unprecedented event in the world right now.

Everyday we approach work, is like evaluating battle damage, and we react accordingly to the news in the world.  Our hands are cleaner and we are practicing “social distancing” (btw – that might be the name of my next cruising boat).

The Governor of Florida has been exercising a common-sense approach to our business and we have been following the guidelines set by him and the County.

We have officially canceled all the “events” through April 15 at the marina sponsored by the restaurant and oyster bar, with the exception of Wednesday Night Races.  On Wednesday the boats gather independently and go sailing in the sun and fresh air.  We will not congregate in the oyster bar for awards until this health crisis is over.

LJ Schooners restaurant is open for take-out or curb-side service through the Oyster Bar area.  Inside seating is currently shut down.  If you want a cold adult beverage it has to be with a food-order and you can take the sealed drink with you outside or elsewhere.

We are attempting to keep as many people employed as possible and the community has been very supportive.  We are also keeping our thumb on the pulse of our government and will take advantage of any programs for our employees that present themselves.

Currently the wet slips, drystorage, ship store, and fuel dock are open.  This may change and we will comply with and governmental directions that are provided.

There is some good news to the consumer.  Gas Prices !  The gas / diesel prices are the lowest we have seen in a very, very, very long time.

Our improvement projects will continue as feasible.

The dumpster enclosure is complete, and we have two 8 yd dumpsters in place.  We will be now removing the dumpster over by the Marina Villas.

Turf area/beach rehab is under way.  We have the drainage complete and some of the turf is down.  We will be fixing concrete, continuing the turf placement and start on the deck / gazebo.

Front circle area has some unloading parking being placed over by C-dock.  This project is ongoing.

Electrical upgrade is waiting on Chelco and the local contractors.  The current situation has slowed the process of constructing and inspections, but we hope to have this finished prior to the real warm months.

As this health crisis ends we will resume normal activities and enjoy our “One Particular Harbor” even more than we have in the past.