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8th Annual Card Board Boat Race MOVIE

September 20, 2015

Another fantastic Card Board Boat Race is in the books.  The 8th Annual Bluewater Bay Marina Card Board Boat Race was held September 20, 2015 at the docks of the Bluewater Bay Marina Complex.  Race supporters lined the docks and filled the tables at LJ Schooner Dockside Restaurant and Oyster Bar.  Some customers had reserved restaurant tables back in August to assure “front-row” seating for the event.

Eight boats registered in the Junior Division.  The Junior Division consisted of youth twelve years of age and under.  Five of the boats sported teams of two and three were registered with single paddlers.  In the Adult Division, if that is what we can call them, five boats registered with only one of them being a team of two paddling a monster of a boat!

Youth division ran heats and the adult division had a one shot race for winner take all!  And that is, take all the soggy card board to the dumpster!

The adults were off to a slow start with three sinking right out of the gate!  OK – two sank on the starting line!!!  They did swim and pull their wrecks through the water to complete the course.  Kelsey Meredith in #88 managed to keep her boat afloat longer than the three quick sinkers to secure 2nd place.  Half way through the course #88 sounded a horn and sprayed competitors with silly string!  Pat Ballasch in Frank-n-Boat was well out of the way of this buffoonery on his way to a hands down win, securing 1st place for the second year in a row.  Other notables in the Adult Division were Best Design –not best engineered – went to Ann Gwinnup in the appropriately named Unsalvageable, which was a replica of the Titanic.  The actual Titanic Award went to Cassidy Lee and Riley Gwinnup in Nessie!

Junior Division ran two heats to identify a winner.  When all was said and done, Team Aloha, sisters Lia and Baily Tate paddled away with 1st place.  Team Aloha paddled with precision with an extremely well synchronized strokes!  Jaw’s Junior team was a close second.  Claire Hinely and Darla Joiner were a well-oiled shark in both heats coming up a little shy of the winning pace. BEST DESIGN in the Junior Division went to Luke VanDyke & George Spidel in the  S.S. Adventure.

Prizes and awards immediately followed the conclusion of the Card Board Boat Race.  Participants and fans stayed and enjoyed the Sunday Cook-out at LJ Schooners Dockside Restaurant & Oyster Bar.

By: Jimmie Boisjolie, Ship Store Manager

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